What is Soft Pressure Washing?

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The viral videos that have been coming out for pressure washing have been taking countless social media sites by storm, but we feel like they can misrepresent what pressure washing is actually supposed to be about for the most part. The reason behind this is that they usually depict pressure washing as some sort of high intensity endeavor, and while the highest pressure setting definitely conforms to that stereotype, suffice it to say that you will very rarely actually use that setting once all has been said and is now out of the way.

The maximum setting is usually avoided by pressure washing companies Conroe because of the fact that it can do more harm than good. Most surfaces require a medium to medium high level of pressure, and you might also want to learn about a little thing called soft pressure washing. The way this works is that the pressure is kept at a relatively low level. It’s not so low that it won’t be effective of course, but it can definitely help make the cleaning process more versatile than might have been the case otherwise.

Using a pressure washer on cars can be impossible if soft washing was not a thing. You can also use this setting to wash glass windows, vinyl siding, shingle and all kinds of other things. These objects require a bit lighter of a touch, because too much pressure can cause them to warp, deform or just get eroded away. In the case of glass, going for anything other than a soft wash could end up shattering it entirely so there is clearly a lot to gain by expanding your horizons into soft washing too.