What Causes Bed Bugs

pest control bed bugs

The opinions that people have about pests can vary widely based on the kind of insect that is being discussed. Some pests aren’t even a part of the insect family at all such as rats and mice, and they tend to be viewed unfavorably due to the reason that they caused the Bubonic plague which killed billions back in the middle ages. Other pests like ants can be a nuisance but they are not all that dangerous so you might not be interested in killing them unless they have grown to a startling degree at this current point in time.

That said, one type of pest that would certainly be horrible for you to be confronted with is the common bed bug, since suffice it to say that they can leave you waking up with red marks all over your body. As if that weren’t already enough, sleeping in a bed that is invested with bugs is the sort of thing that can really drag your sleep quality down. Knowing what scent keeps bed bugs away helps you face the challenge head on, and you shouldn’t forget to learn about what causes bed bugs in the first place as well.

Perhaps the most common thing that can give rise to bed bugs that would nibble at your fingertips in the dark of the night is crumbs of food on your bed. If you have a tendency to eat meals in your sleeping area, it is only a matter of time before bed bugs are attracted to it. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should avoid eating on your bed so that they aren’t tempted to infest it.