Top Yoga Exercises For Beginners

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Whether you want to impress your social media fans with impressive and inspiring yoga poses or just want to reconnect with your spiritual side, you would be able to find a yoga plan that suits your expectations and goals accordingly. Starting this journey can be scary and anxiety-inducing for most beginners, as most of the movements and poses are named in a manner that it almost sounds like a foreign language. Rather than getting demotivated because of the apprehension caused by such seemingly complex yoga types, you should focus on learning the basic yoga movements.

Downward-facing dog, originally named as Adho Mukha Svanasana, is a well-known yoga pose that is directed for the flexibility of hamstrings and calf muscles. As soon as you go on all fours to get into this pose, make sure that both your hands are firmly rooted to the ground in way that your wrists don’t move. Loosely placing your hands on your yoga mat would expose your wrists to serious injury, as they can be twisted and bent in either direction – with all your body weight pressed over them. If you want to begin your yoga practice in a progressive manner, then you should visit the website of Marianne Wells Yoga School now.

It can be quite difficult to unite all four limbs when you are getting into the downward-facing dog position, and you need to ensure that you don’t hyperextend your elbows when you place your hands at a desired distance from each other. Your shoulders should also not make contact with your ears when you are pushing your entire torso against the gravity, as that can make your shoulder sockets susceptible to getting damaged. As a mild inversion, this exercise would help you promote a healthy blood flow to your upper body.