Romanian Deadlift vs The Deadlift


Deadlifts are considered to be one of the most basic forms of exercising in the world of strength training and weightlifting. You will find that everyone does deadlifts in order to make use of the many benefits. Deadlifts are great for many muscles, increasing your bone density, strengthening your knees, and helping you engage your core better. For more information or for coaching, you can check out

There are many different types of deadlifts, each having their own variations that target different muscle groups. However, for the sake of this article, we will be talking about two types of deadlifts, and those are the Romanian deadlifts, and standard, traditional deadlifts.

Romanian deadlifts are different from standard deadlifts because they engage the legs more than they do the core or the back as is customary in normal deadlifts. The target muscle groups when it comes to Romanian deadlifts are the glutes and hamstrings mainly. This is because Romanian deadlifts ask you to put more pressure on your hips, having them move back and forth as you lift the weightlifting rod. This is why Romanian deadlifts are made for people who are looking to increase strength and endurance in their legs.

Traditional deadlifts engage different groups, and this includes the hamstring, your core muscle, your back, and your knees. A traditional deadlift requires you to use your core, your hamstring, and your knees in order to correctly lift the weight. This is more intensive and is considered to be part of the starter pack when it comes to exercises in the weightlifting community. So, you should always start out with deadlifts under supervision to make sure that your form is correct and stabilized, and then move onto other variations in the deadlift as you are looking to aim specific muscle groups.