Maintaining a Freshwater Aquarium

20 gallon fish tank

Freshwater aquarium enhance the overall ambiance of any given premises and look amazing, when designed and placed correctly these complement the overall d├ęcor of our home, but this is not the only reason why people are so interested in keeping aquarium in their homes, those who are fond of fish and want to keep them in their sight have the option to build aquariums and keep the fish they want, aquariums in home differ in shapes and sizes but things like aquatic plants and substrate for the floor are used in whatever type of aquarium we are looking to place in our home.

Keeping the bacteria and germs from damaging the plants and aquatic animals is another job that the substrate does, so choosing good quality substrate is essential as it does a number of things for us, not only the growth of the plants is effected by the type, depth and quality of substrate we select, but the health of the aquatic animals also depends on it, the gravels do have chemicals which help keep the water clean, one cannot compromise on quality of substrate if we want to keep our aquatic plants and animals healthy.

Buying good quality surface gravel or chemical substrate will ensure that you are getting something which will not push you to spend again on the substrate in a very short while, good quality substrate will last from anywhere between three to five years, regular maintenance is required not just to prolong the life of the substrate but for the overall cleanliness of tank water and health of the aquatic animals in there, the cleaning job should be taken upon every two weeks or so, read all about the best substrate to grow aquatic plants.