Know More About GPS Jammers

gps signal jammer

Movement tracking on online platforms with the help of a GPS id becoming more common these days. There are lots of benefits of GPS tracking for businesses. But getting your location detected isn’t always a good thing, especially when it’s being done against your will.

This is where GPS jammers comes in. These pieces of technology are used to help jam the GPS signals in a specific geographical area around you to save you from being tracked by anyone. Here is more information about GPS trackers that you might need to know.

Working of a GPS Jammer

Using a GPS jammer is very easy. You just have to install the device in an auxiliary outlet of the vehicle near the GPS tracker, and this will automatically start interfering the signals for you to avoid you from being tracked. Keep in mind that these devices only act in a specific radius depending on their strength.

GPS trackers always receive microwaves from a number of different satellites orbiting around the earth. After receiving signals from at least 4 different satellites, the tracker does some calculations are determines uts location on the globe. Receivers rely on the signals sent by these GPS trackers to determine their exact location on the map. The location can be constantly sent back to a monitoring setup.

GPS signals can be disrupted by sun rays and bad weather. A GPS jammer, on the other hand, emits radio signals at the same frequency as the GPS tracker to disrupt its signal. This helps in masking the satellite signal, and the tracker can no longer function normally.

Usage Cases of GPS Jammers

There can be a number of different reasons to why one might want to use a car GPS jammer. These devices were originally made by the government agencies for military usage. Hiding your vehicle’s location can be an important thing in any project. These devices can provide concealment and privacy on demand. This way, you can cruise your way through some tough situations.