How to Use Rock Bait Gel in The Best Possible Way

roach bait gel

Roach bait gels can be one of the best effective ways of killing cockroaches in your house.

You might already have bought a roach bait gel from and are now looking for the best way to use it. Follow us as we show you how to use these gels effectively to get the best possible results.

Using a Roach Bait Gel

Roach bait gels are best used in business facilities and houses. You can work like a professional and get rid of the cockroaches in your property by using these gels effectively.

Here’s a quick guide to using any Roach bait gel.

Choose Your Gel

A good Roach bait gel would never kill the cockroach on first contact. Rather, it will infect the cockroach, and will make it spread the gel to other cockroaches it contacts.

Usually, any gel you buy for Roach bait will be effective with most of the types of cockroaches.

You can either buy liquid gel bait, or small plastic gel bait stations to kill the cockroaches in your property.

How to know of your bait is working? Well, the best way is to check the amount of leftover bait after every night. If the bait is continuously decreasing, you can bet that cockroaches are falling in your trap. However, if the bait isn’t decreasing, you should invest in another gel.

Apply The Gel in Smaller Cracks And Other Areas

If you want quick results, you should apply the gel close to the areas you often see cockroaches hiding. You shouldn’t expect every bug to eat your bait on the first day, and only a few come out to feed themselves each day.

Use pea sized drops of Roach gel, and after its been eaten fully, you can reapply unless you can no longer see it decreasing in that specific area.