How to Sharpen a Knife

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Knife ownership can be a rather contentious issue if you reside in excessively politicized circles, but this has no bearing on their importance when it comes to self defense as well as basic cooking. Suffice it to say that you can’t cook delicious meals without having a trusty knife by your side, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that you would occasionally need to chop things up really delicately and finely in order to prepare them adequately for the cooking you are about to do.

This is especially important if you are the kind of individual that likes to create Japanese cuisine in some way, shape or form, since food from this part of the world has a tendency for being heavy on technique above all else. You can acquire a brilliant knife from which would have an incredibly razor sharp edge, but over the passage of years this edge would get dulled somewhat thereby necessitating a bit of sharpening from your end.

To sharpen a knife, the first step to follow is to slide the sharp end of the blade against a hard grit grindstone. This will remove any notches in the knife, and you can smoothen it out by switching over to a smoother grain. Moving from coarse grain to smooth over the course of your knife sharpening process helps to optimize it, and it’s usually a lot better than using each stone type once. You need a certain level of refinement in the sharpening process so that the blade does not get brittle which might result in it breaking apart as you chop ingredients.