How to Post a Long Video on Facebook

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In the early days of online video streaming when YouTube was the only video site that people took all that seriously, the maximum length of a video was around ten minutes. The servers that the company owned were just not all that capable of handling any more than that, but as technology progressed we slowly started to see increased time limits for your videos and you can now start to witness full length films being published on YouTube without any real issues.

Facebook can be rather limiting when it comes to long form videos, but there is a pretty good chance that you can still upload something that is around an hour long or so on the platform. If you como guardar un video de facebook, you can take videos, edit them and then reupload them as well to become a part of the community. The truth of the situation is that an hour might not seem long enough for some people, but it can be adequate if you have content that the average person would enjoy and Facebook is not the right place to post full length films anyway.

If you are facing issues while trying to upload a long video to Facebook, the fact of the matter is that your security settings might be an issue. Another possible problem that is preventing you from getting your video out there is that it might the wrong file type. Facebook will also stop your upload if it finds that the data is in any way corrupted, so just check to see if none of these things are getting in your way and you can get back on track.