How Soon Can a Doctor Detect Pregnancy By Pelvic Exam

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It can be really frustrating to try your level best to have a baby only to have your efforts hindered after every single turn. What’s even more annoying is if you have a false positive in your pregnancy tests, but that can be unfortunately difficult to prevent due to how unreliable these tests tend to be at this current point in time. If you truly want to be absolutely certain that you are in fact pregnant with your very own baby, it’s best to go to a doctor so that they can conduct a pelvic exam.

Pelvic exams can prove things one way or another without a shadow of a doubt, and the leading doctor in Hervey Bay can make sure that no practical errors create yet another false positive for you to endure. One thing that you might want to keep at the very topmost region of your mind is that it is almost impossible to conduct such an exam accurately if you are less than six weeks into your pregnancy. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should wait until at least five weeks after your missed period before going for a pelvic exam, and waiting for around six weeks would be even better.

We can understand that you might be rather anxious to get whatever confirmation is available to you, but there’s no point in going for a pelvic exam prior to the elapsing of six weeks. Even if you are pregnant, your baby would still be a miniscule embryo that is invisible to the naked eye. Waiting this long makes the pelvic exam far more accurate.