How Much Oil Does a Commercial Fryer Hold?

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When you are cooking at home, there is a pretty good chance that you would want to keep changing the oil that you are using which would generally involve you throwing oil out right after you have fried something or the other in it. The thing is, things tend to be quite different when restaurants are taken into account. This is because of the fact that restaurants can’t afford to throw out oil after a single use, and suffice it to say that doing so would not be responsible from either a financial or an environmental point of view.

The truth of the situation is that oil can be reused multiple times before it needs to be tossed down the drain or ideally into a dustbin since pouring it down the drain might block it entirely. As long as you fish the crumbs and other debris out of the oil before heating it up again, there is no chance that a bitter taste would start to emerge within it. You should try different brands of commercial deep fryer in order to find the right one for your needs, and when you discover your ideal model you should keep it filled with oil at the right capacity.

A commercial deep fryer that is of an average and standard size can usually hold around six gallons of oil at a time. The fact of the matter is that this can help you cook multiple batches of French fries or anything else that you might want to create within such machines. You can reuse the oil two or three times at least before it is no longer feasible for you.