Choosing Your Home Inspector

pre listing home inspection checklist

Your home inspector is responsible for overseeing several things. They are responsible for making sure that your house meets the residential building requirements of your area. They can examine your house and let you know about problem areas, and this comes especially handy for both house buyers and sellers since it gives both different opportunities to have more leverage over the other. If you have not opted for home inspection services, you should start contacting your local home inspection company for details. If you want to get a good home inspector, you should look for the following:

  • You want a home inspector that has proof to show that they are trained and qualified for their job. This is where you inspect their credentials and make sure that they are recognized and have the license to do their job.
  • A good reputation is very important when it comes to home inspectors, so this is where you rely on word-of-mouth and then do a little research of your own online. Plus there are many forums that are dedicated to the subject of home inspections and good home inspectors.
  • Always go for a local home inspector because you need someone well-versed with the regulations and rules of your specific area. Plus they have a better understanding of things since they are part of your inner circle.
  • Your home inspector should be thorough with the job, so you do not want someone that just gives cursory glances and gets the job over with.
  • You should personally feel good and comfortable around your home inspector because you need to be able to trust them and their word. This is where you also follow your instinct or your gut. If you feel comfortable with your home inspector then that is a good sign, and if something is not sitting right with you then you might as well listen to it.