Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Tree Service


There are certain tasks that tree services are best at, and many homeowners hire them to do those tasks with precision and accuracy. But due to a recent increase in popularity of these tree services, the market has seen a surge if new, inexperienced companies and individuals providing tree services.

So, how you can identify a newbie from am expert? Well, here are some questions that can help you easily assess the service quality of a certain tree services company.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

This simple and straightforward question can filter out the new companies and leave you with only the experienced ones. A good tree service company should at least be 10 years old to call themselves experts. 10 years is a good limit because if a company doesn’t provide good services, it’ll eventually collapse before completing its first 10 years.

Don’t be scammed by the businesses that go door to door and try to persuade people into hiring their services.

Do They Have Certified Arborists?

When looking for a quality tree service company, look for the one that has certified arborists on-board. Remember that these arborists should be permanent paid members of their staff and not seasons contracted individuals. Also, never hire a single person companies, as they will always disappoint you. The company you hire should be a prominent one with a proper team of arborists on-board.

Can They Prevent/ Minimize The Damage?

A good enough tree service will always be able to answer questions like these right away. Tree removal isn’t the only thing that the company will have to take care of, but they’ll also need to keep the surrounding things intact. They should be able to properly explain the precautionary steps that they’ll take to ensure the safety of your valuable belongings around the tree.

For the best results, you should hire only the certified tree services like which are known for the quality of their services.