A Useful GTA Vice City Cheat Code

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You most definitely do not want to end up cheating in real life once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that cheating is going to make you seem like the sort of person that simply can’t be trusted, but if you venture into the digital world and look at it from a gaming perspective cheating is just something that can make a game easier for you to play than might have been the case otherwise and there is nothing all that wrong with this kind of approach at all.

When it comes to Vice City APK, picking what cheat codes you want to implement is quite important. After all, you need cheat codes that will help you play the game in a far more efficient manner. One such code that we can think of is “Leave me alone”. If you type this code in, any police attention that you might have attracted will disappear entirely. This means that even if you have wrought a lot of destruction and have reached the highest level of notoriety possible within the game, it would still be relatively easy for you to reset everything and start all over.

This cheat code is great due to the reason that it has the potential to enable you to do virtually anything and everything that you want within the game. The police can be a huge buzz kill in a game like this, so the ability to get them off of your tail is not something that you are going to take lightly especially when you notice the comical effect of putting the cheat code in while the police approach you.